How do you make a Bobcat Fly?  For starters you need alot of knowledge in the area of lifts and rigging, the right material and equipment, and finally experience and know-how in putting this specific application together and making it work.  That is exactly what Rocky Mountain Lift Services did.  In the wake of the 2013 floods in Alberta, there was a tremendous amount of devastation in many parts of the province.  Banff National Park was also not spared.  On many of the back country trails, the bridges were severely damaged.  Reparations on the Spray river bridge began this year, however a problem presented itself as there was no way to transport the material needed for the repairs to the other side of the river.  Due to environemental reasons, a helicopter was not an option to fly in 800 tons of rock.   The installation of a small transport lift solved all of the problems.  Even the Bobcat was able to fly across the river!

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