Shipping times vary greatly depending upon the type of product being shipped (size & weight), the method of shipping (air freight, ocean freight, ground freight) and whether or not the product is being shipped from the warehouse or from the factory. Once the order is approved, you will be notified of the approximate shipping time. Once the product ships, we will either track its course and inform you or we will provide you with the tracking information if the mode of transport allows for it.

Yes. Orders shipping to and from Canada are subject to Government Fees such as Duty/Taxes which are based on commodity and import destination. Rigging Specialties works closely with their customs broker to clear all cross border orders. These charges are built into to the total freight charges.

Yes. We ship outside of Canada. We even drop ship orders for you as well. For example, if you are a customer from the United States and require a special order from Europe, we will ship the product directly to you. We will arrange the shipping and custom clear your order. All you have to do is receive it.

We will track the orders for you unless we have been able to provide you with a tracking number. Due to the nature of our products, traditional courier companies are rarely used and consequently tracking these orders often becomes impossible for the customer to do on his own. Rigging Specialties will track these orders regularly and inform you of the progress of the shipment.

Every order is unique and possesses different requirements, consequently we are unable to provide a shipping calculator or include shipping charges in our prices. Certain orders need to be shipped by ocean transport; others by air freight, and yet others by ground freight. We search for the best pricing options available for each order. Pricing is then communicated to you by way of a written quotation. Once your confirmation is received, we will proceed with the order.

There is no clear cut answer here and it will depend upon how and what it is that is being shipped to you. Companies like UPS or trucks that ship LTL “less than load”, meaning multiple stops, expect their drivers to unload the freight. If drivers are unable to carry the load, they will have a trolley or pallet jack onboard to assist. If there is no dock to unload, an additional lift gate charge might apply. For extremely heavy loads the driver will call in advance since the need for a crane or a forklift may be necessary.

Yes. Each item is charged shipping when it leaves the warehouse or factory. However, you are only charged the shipping charges based on what was quoted at the time of the order.

Shipping options vary depending on the type and quantity of merchandise you choose to buy and your shipping address. The type of carrier used will depend upon the product being shipped and from where. We use a variety of carriers and modes of transport such as: Canada Post UPS Ground Truck Freight Air Freight Ocean Freight

Canadian customers are subject to sales taxes based on their location within Canada. Customers outside of Canada are not subject to Canadian sales tax. However they are subject to sales taxes within their local jurisdiction.