Rigging Specialties – Canada’s Contact For KristallTurm®

KristallTurm®, founded in 2010, is in Lenggries, Upper Bavaria and has been growing steadily thanks to orders in Germany and from all over the world. The space-saving hexagonal construction of the KristallTurm® high rope courses was inspired by the shape of ice crystals. KristallTurm® developed a modern and unique concept for climbing courses on this basis, offering numerous benefits for guests, operators, and investors.

Rooted in traditional craftsmanship, KristallTurm® is a company that stands for precision work and the highest quality – not only in order processing, planning, and consulting, but also in the production process and customer service. Their products are fabricated in their own workshop, combining the various trades in the carpentry, locksmith ‘s shop and station department.

KristallTurm® systems can be installed indoors or outdoors and are suitable for all sites, including urban spaces. The installations can be extended at any time, making them extremely versatile and are individually adapted to existing conditions, thus making every KristallTurm® high ropes course unique. Since there is no fixed course, each guest is free to choose the climbing elements thus eliminating bottlenecks and long wait times. Guest enjoyment is maximised along with capacity utilisation for the operator.KristallTurm® stands out in the market with their innovative design of the overall concept as well as the details, such as themed climbing stations. Today, KristallTurm® serves the global market and have developed a network of international distribution partners. Rigging Specialties is proud to be the qualified local contact for KristallTurm® in Canada.

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