Rope architecture involves the use of steel and stainless steel ropes as well as steel wire nets to transform architectural requirements into aesthetic structures. Starting with high-tensile steel wire, architects and engineers are able to create fascinating rope architecture. Open and full-locked steel ropes with diameters ranging from approximately 6 mm to 130 mm and threaded fitting or elegantly designed HYEND fork heads are used to create endless rope designs. The HYEND Tension System consists of one to seven steel wires with a tensile strength of at least 1500 to 1770 N/mm2 running in parallel. It is a cost-effective alternative to conventional rope or tie-bar construction. The use of high-tensile steel wire also results in low weight.

High-quality wire rope and wire mesh engineering provides the ability to provide the following creative solutions:

Rope Architecture:

  • Rocky Mountain Lift Services & Supplies Inc. works closely with a world leader in wire rope fabrication providing support and maintenance in many of its projects.

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