A geologic hazard is a type of adverse geologic condition capable of damage, loss of property, or life. These “geohazards” consist of slow and/or sudden natural geological phenomena such as avalanches, landslides, debris flow, rock fall, unstable rock and loose rock. The use of wire rope to make steel wire netting and mesh systems creates a protective barrier and safeguards people and infrastructures from these hazards. One of the first systems created was for avalanche prevention in 1951 consisting of nets and high-tensile steel wire. This specialized wire is characterized by high cutting resistance, high energy absorption capability and long life with low maintenance. These wire systems are so strong that they are able to stop a 20 ton concrete cube with an impact velocity of 103 km/h.

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  • Rocky Mountain Lift Services & Supplies Inc. works closely with a world leader in geohazard solutions.
  • Systems with steel wire netting and mesh protection are available for rock fall, slope and rock instabilities, sink holes, debris flow, shallow landslides, avalanches, underground and open pit mining.   Please visit Geobrugg for more information.

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