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by Fahad Mansoor 10 Mar 2023

Over the course of the next ten years, Big Sky Resort has revealed plans to construct the most advanced lift net-work that North America has ever seen. The project, Big Sky 2025, will be funded by a $150 million capital investment and will involve upgrading the North Village gondola and installing bubble six-packs in place of the existing central lifts. Additional lifts will be installed to provide access to new terrain as well as improvements to snowmaking capabilities and to the Mountain Village to accompany the expenditure on the new lift net-work.

Last year, the first stage of the project began and will see the installation of ten new lifts, eight of which will have bubbles, as well as reinstatement of a gondola. The second stage of the project will take place roughly from 2018-2021 and includes the continued construction of the gondola with the additional goal of replacing the Ramcharger and Shedhorn lifts as well as upgrading three pre-existing lifts. The gondola will be located in the North Village and will act as a direct line of connection between the Mountain Village and the Bowl. Additionally, Big Sky’s second oldest lift, Ramcharger will get a long overdue upgrade to a 6-pax bubble chair and Shedhorn will receive a detachable quad. Finally, the third stage of the project, commencing in 2022 through to 2025, will see the construction of approximately 8 brand new lifts within the existing boundaries of Big Sky Resort.

While this project seems like an ambitious task to complete in just ten years, by its completion it will surely bring the experience on the mountain to an unprecedented high.

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