Niagara Parks Incline Railway, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Parks Incline Railway, Niagara Parks, Ontario

The Niagara Parks Incline Railway is a funicular railway located beside Niagara Falls at the Horseshoe Falls.  It was originally built in 1966 by the Swiss company Von Roll.  Funicular railways are used to transport people up extremely steep slopes.  This is achieved by pulling train cars up and down the incline with a cable while the steel wheels on the cars guide the train along the tracks.  The two cars are always attached to each other by a cable which runs through a pulley at the top.  Counterbalancing the two cars with one going up and one going down, creates more efficiency as the weight of one helps pull the other up the steep incline.  The Niagara Parks Incline Railway transports visitors between the Fallsview Tourist area and the Table Rock Center.  Rocky Mountain Lift Services & Supplies Inc. was contracted out to exchange the cable on the Incline Railway.

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