Rennsteig Tool Kits & Crimp Sets

The Rennsteig complete crimping tool is available for crimping solar contacts, such as: MC4, MC3, Helios H4, Wieland, Tyco, etc. Rennsteig also offers solar crimp sets containing a selection of dies and locators from a variety of companies. Prices on request.

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The Rennsteig crimp tool is recommended for crimping many different types of solar contacts.  The excellent handling, easy exchange of the crimping insert bits and the possibility of adding a positioning aid are facts in favour of these crimping pliers.
* High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps
* 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with minimal hand effort
* Interchangeable high-precision Crimping Die Set
* Parallel jaws for even crimps
* Interchangeable Locator for precision positioning of terminals
* Top German build quality throughout

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