Optional Capstan Drum 57mm

The capstan drum 57 mm w/rope guide and two bolts gets the maximum pulling speed out of the portbale winch. This drum allows jobs to be done quicker but require less pulling capacity. Prices on request.

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Use this optional capstan drum 57 mm to get the maximum pulling capacity of your winch. Easily installed, this drum will allow you to do jobs at max pull but slower.  The speed when installed on the PCW5000 is 12 m/min (40′)
We do not yet currently feature all of the Portable Winch products on our Rigging Specialties website.  All products are available and can be ordered through Rigging Specialties by reviewing the Portable Winch catalogue available for viewing or download below.

Additional Information

Optional Capstan Drum 57 mm
Applications:  Arboriculture, Construction, Farming, Forestry, Hunting, Off roading, Marine applications, Search and rescue, Tent or tower installation, Work at heights, Cable, wire, optic fiber installation
Weight:  500 g (1 lb)
Dimensions:  Diameter: 57 mm (2”) – Overall: 82 mm (3”) – Opening: 25 mm (1”), Length: 7.8 cm (3”)
Material:  Aluminum
Packaging:  Material: Card board box, Dimensions: 16 cm x 11 cm x 10 cm (6-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 4”), Total weight: 685 (4.5 lb)

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