Manual Hoist HIT 32

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The Habegger Manual Hoist HIT 32 is the powerhouse of the manual wire rope hoists. Pulling force in excess of 3 tonnes.

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The powerhouse of the manual wire rope hoists, with a pulling force in excess of 3 tons.


All HIT wire rope hoists function on the same principle. A wire rope of any length is guided through two pairs of clamping jaws in a straight line. When the drive lever is moved back and forth, the wire is moved forwards or backwards (according to the selection) smoothly and without slippage. An ingenious lever mechanism means that one pair of clamping jaws opens and pulls in more wire, while the other remains closed.  This opening and closing is repeated alternately. Both clamping jaws automatically close under load. The clamping pressure increases in proportion to the tensile load.

Specifications for the HIT 32:

Rated force (pulling, lifting, lowering): 3200 kg
Overload protection at: 4800 kg
Weight without rope: 21.5 kg
Rope diameter: 16.2 mm
Rope feed per double stroke: 30 mm
Effective rope breaking load: 16000 kg
Load on lever at rated load: 50 kg


• Light alloy housing
• Anchorage bolts secured
• Overload protection by shear pin
• Exchangeable shear pins in jaw opening lever
• Expansion for hydraulic drive
• Carrying handle
• Lever tube can be pulled out
• Case available

Wire Ropes:

Wire ropes for the HIT 32 are available in varying lengths with reel and without. Please click on Manual Hoist Ropes HIT 32 for details. It is recommended that only Habegger wire ropes be used with their hoists. Use of any other wire rope will nullify the warranty.

Additional Information


The superior safety offered by HABEGGER wire rope hoists is achieved by the interplay of many details:  ingeniously simple design, high-strength heat treated materials as well as an overload protection system.  The locking pin on the actuation lever shears off if the load reaches one-and-a-half times the rated force.  The load can still be lowered however.  Replacement shear pins – always carried in the handle or jaw opening lever – can be fitted in a matter of moments.  Special HABEGGER wire ropes are a decisive component of the entire safety concept.

Quality Guarantee:

Painstaking quality checks and materials are the norm in the HABEGGER factory.  Public authorities and official testing institutes are becoming increasingly concerned with quality and safety.  Habegger products pass even the harshest tests with flying colors.  Certificates from the TUV and UL, to name only the most important ones give you a copper-bottomed guarantee for the top quality of HABEGGER wire rope hoists.  Warranty extends to 5 years.


With HABEGGER wire rope hoists, it is often possible to achieve even unusual applications.  Don’t hesitate to call for our advice for information on problematic applications.

Spare Parts List:

Spare parts for manual hoists are available. Please consult the download below.


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