Lever Hoist 1.5 ton 10ft lift

$ 450.00

Lever Hoist with 1.5 ton working load limit. Is load tested to 125% of rated capacity. High strength 10ft alloy chain meets all international safety standards.

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The heavy duty lever hoist is built for use in construction, manufacturing, mining and maintenance applications.  It is designed for lifting, lowering, tensioning and pulling applications.  It has low headroom and a compact design that is ideal for use in close quarter applications.
* Meets ANSI/ASME standards
* ISO 9001 and TUV-CE Certified factory
* High quality alloy load chain meets all international safety standards
* Single-hand control of free-wheel function with load brake
* Weston Load Brake
* Rugged steel casing protects gears and brake mechanism
* Made in Korea
Capacity (lbs):  3,300
Standard Lift (ft):  10
Load Chain (mm):  7.1×21
Net Weight (lbs):  24.3
Min. Distance Between Hooks (in):  13
Minimum Load (lbs):  99
Pull to Lift Capacity (lbs):  64

Additional Information

* Single load chain
* Single-hand control of free wheel function with load brake
* High quality Grade 80 heat-treated load chain
* Rugged steel case design protects gears and break mechanism
* Gears are machined and case hardened for long life.
* Forged and heat treated alloy steel hooks to prevent fracturing under excessive loads
* 360 degree handle rotation
* Pivot and swivel top hook for ease of use
* Non-slip rubber grip handle
* All hoists load tested to 125% of rated capacity
* Test and inspection certificates supplies with each hoist
* Service manuals with parts blown up supplied with each hoist
* Meet all applicable ANSI standards and is CE certified
* Metric rated for vertical lifting at 2,200 lbs. per ton

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