Hitch Plate Winch Anchor

The hitch plate winch anchor turns a vehicle into a pulling anchor. This winch anchor can be used with towing balls of up to 50 mm in diameter. Prices on request.

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The hitch plate winch achor turns your vehicle into a pulling anchor. Simply hook the winch to the plate using the winch safety hooks and slide the key-hole shape over your ball hitch and you’re ready to pull. Light, easy to carry, ideal for unexpected situations.
We do not yet currently feature all of the Portable Winch products on our Rigging Specialties website.  All products are available and can be ordered through Rigging Specialties by reviewing the Portable Winch catalogue available for viewing or download below.

Additional Information

Hitch Plate Winch Anchor
Applications:  Arboriculture, Construction, Farming, Forestry, Hunting, Off roading, Search and rescue
Weight:  745 kg (1.64 lb)
Dimensions:  Length: 20,5 cm (8”), Width: 15,3 cm (6”), Height: 2,5 cm (1”)
Material:  Zinc plated steel
Warranty:  1 year
Packaging:  Padded envelope

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