Double Swing Side Snatch Block

The stainless steel double swing side snatch block has two 100 mm diameter deep groove aluminum sheaves. This pulley increases the winches power for moving extra heavy loads. Prices on request.

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For extra heavy loads the double swing side snatch block allows you to multiply the winches’ power using pulleys. This double pulley features the same aluminum and stainless steel construction as our stainless steel swing side snatch block (PCA-1274) but with two 100 mm (4”) diameter deep groove aluminum sheaves. Using one double pulley (positioned at the load) with a single pulley, you can triple the pulling power of the winches. With two double pulleys, an amazing 4 tons of force can be exerted on a load (using the PCW5000)!
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Additional Information

Double Swing Side Snatch Block
Applications:  Arboriculture, Construction, Farming, Forestry, Hunting, Off roading, Marine applications, Search and rescue, Tent or tower installation, Work at heights, Cable, wire, optic fiber installation, Hoisting equipment
Weight:  1,9 kg (4.1 lb)
Dimensions:  Diameter: 100 mm (4”), Length: 23 cm (9”), Width: 11 cm (4-1/2”), Height: (8.5 cm (3-1/2”)
Certification:  CE certified
Material:  Aluminum and stainless steel
Rope:  Minimum diameter: 6 mm (1.4”), Maximum diameter: 13 mm (1/2”)
Warranty:  1 year
Additional information:  Not designed for steel cable
Working load limit:  44 kN (9680 lb) *The working load limit is the maximum load which should ever be applied to the product under any condition.

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