Clamp Plates Aluminum 52-77mm 60 tons

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Aluminium Clamp Plates with maximum WLL of 60 tons. Fits wire ropes with diameters between 52-77 mm.

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Aluminium Clamp Plate

Description :

Clamp plates are used to clamp and tension wire ropes. Aluminium Clamp Plates are lightweight consequently making them easier to work with. Due to the softness of aluminium, extra care should be taken when working with these clamp plates. Extra interchangeable inserts may be purchased to accommodate other wire rope diameters.

Specifications :

Fits rope diameter: 52 – 70 mm
Length of Clamp Plate: 1095 mm
Weight of Clamp Plate: 70 kg
WLL: up tp 600 kN or 61 tons

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