Beam Trolley Geared 1 ton

$ 315.00

These Beam Trolleys are designed for efficiency, portability, and economy. They will provide excellent performance when used to suspend a variety of lifting equipment.

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Designed to attach to I-beam flange to provide a mobile anchor point for hook mounted hoists. Geared trolleys provide precise load control and shorter traversing distances. Light weight and compact for easy installation. Heavy duty construction. Fits on I-beam flange width 3-5 inches.
* Meets ASME/ANSI Standards
* ISO 9001 and TUV-CE Certified factory
* Tested to 150% of rated load
* Anti-drop lugs are standard
* Sealed ball-bearing wheels
* Wheels designed for standard and wide-flange I-beams
* Load equalizing suspension distributes load to wheels
* Standard hand chain length for Geared Trolleys is 10ft
* Custom hand chain lengths available on request
* All Korean parts and materials
Capacity (lbs):  2,200
I-Beam Flange Width (in):  3-5
Minimum Radius Curve (in):  43.3

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