Amtec String Combiner Boxes

Combiner boxes for Solar PV applications for use to combine the imputs from multiple strings of solar panels into one output circuit. Prices on request.

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Amtec String Combiner Box is a 12 string fused combiner box with 180A at 1000VDC maximum output.
Dimensions:  NEMA 4 Metallic:  16.00″x14.00″x8.00″, 22lbs. PR-12-S
Fuse Holders:  12 finger safe, non-load break fuse holders.  30A, 1000VDC rate.  Fuse amerage rating may differ as long as total amperes of all fuses do not exceed the bus rating or 30A per string.
Labeling:  All components, wire ranges, torque values silkscreened onto backpan.
Mountain panel:  White powder coat with integrated wire management, hydraulically inserted threaded nuts for maximum gripping strength.
Insulators:  All busbars are supported by 1000VDC rated insulators for added rigidity.

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