Rope Repair & Maintenance

Rope Repair & Maintenance

Ropeways are among the safest public means of transport.  A high level of safety can be achieved through strict rules, particular care in the design, calculation and project planning of the installations as well as by use of high quality materials and application of advanced manufacturing methods and professional assembly.  After the construction of a ropeways installation, it is up to the operator to ensure its ultimate safety and efficiency through a series of daily checks and comprehensive inspections of the installation.

Regular wire rope maintenance procedures are essential to increasing the service life of wire ropes and to ensuring their ultimate operational safety. Over time, wire ropes will stretch and they may become damaged or dry out.   The national rope regulations organization specifies in detail the dates for the maintenance of ropes as well as their relocation and replacement periods.    Regular inspections of the rope diameter, lay length and rope fabric must be carried out by qualified personnel.  Rope cleaning and lubrication equipment especially developed for the demands of a wide range of mountain ropes are utilized worldwide for efficient maintenance. Professional maintenance of stranded ropes and track ropes comprises refurbishment of the splice and the use of repair pieces and wires, as well as rope shortening.  Rocky Mountain Lift Services & Supplies Inc. provides support and knowledge in all questions relating to rope maintenance and offers reliable and efficient services.

Rope Maintenance Services:

Rocky Mountain Lift Services & Supplies Inc. offers the following maintenance services for all types of wire rope applications:

  • Visual Wire rope inspections
  • Replacement  of wire ropes on all types of ropeway applications and cable bearing structures
  • Shortening of stranded wire ropes on all types of ropeway applications
  • Slipping of track ropes and replacing sockets.
  • Repair work on wire ropes for all types of ropeway applications
  • Cleaning and lubricating wire ropes for all types of rope applications
  • Non Destructive Testing upon request

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