Non Destructive Wire Rope Testing

Non Destructive Wire Rope Testing (NDT)

With over 100 years of combined experience in the wire rope industry, our professionally qualified and skilled team of technicians offer efficient, safe, and cost-effective wire rope testing and visual inspections.

Testing can be done on a wide variety of wire ropes including aerial passenger lifts, surface lifts, material tramways, automated people movers (APM), cable belts, shaft elevators, winch cables, zip lines etc.  For zip lines we use our mechanical trolley to inspect all types of zip line cables.  The MRT System is fully computerized and provides an electromagnetic evaluation of any ferrous rope up to 70mm (2 ¾ inches) in diameter. We use the newest technology for Magnetic rope Testing (MRT) equipment developed at the INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL HANDLING AND LOGISTGICS (IFT) at the UNIVERSITY OF STUGGART.

Two fully computerized magnets as well as measurement and evaluation software precisely detect anomalies throughout the profile of the entire rope length.  The fully automated process is computer accurate and inspects up to 5 meters of rope per second (980 fpm).  When testing track ropes, the magnet lifts automatically at the towers and the slack carriers.

Wire Rope Testing Services:

  • Visual Wire rope inspections
  • Non Destructive Wire Rope Testing
  • Detailed Report
  • Any required maintenance solutions

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