Rope Architecture

Rope Architecture

Rope architecture involves the use of steel and stainless steel ropes as well as steel wire nets to transform architectural requirements into aesthetic structures.  Starting with high-tensile steel wire, architects and engineers are able to create fascinating rope architecture.  Open and full-locked steel ropes with diameters ranging from approximately 6 mm to 130 mm and threaded fitting or elegantly designed HYEND fork heads are used to create endless rope designs.  The HYEND Tension System consists of one to seven steel wires with a tensile strength of at least 1500 to 1770 N/mm2 running in parallel.  It is a cost-effective alternative to conventional rope or tie-bar construction.  The use of high-tensile steel wire also results in low weight.

High-quality wire rope and wire mesh engineering provides the ability to provide the following creative solutions:

Stadium and Halls

High-tensile steel ropes permit imposing, light-weight stadium and hall constructions.  In comparison with massive supporting structures, considerable weight and material are saved here.  The flexibility of the wire ropes makes installation much easier and the process quicker and more cost-effective.  Span widths of up to approximately 170 meters are possible.


Bridges (suspension bridges, bicycle bridges, pedestrian bridges and railway bridges) with support structures and guard rail nets are functionally and aesthetically imposing and realizable in a short time.  Using standard factory parts, bridges can be built quickly and economically.

Glass Facades and Glass Roofs

Glass facades and roofs are light-weight structures, flooded with light.  Their aesthetic architecture can be accentuated with steel ropes.  Through the internal positioning facility of HYEND fork heads, locked adjusters are dispensed with and the tolerance of steel and concrete are elegantly equalized.

Membrane Structures

Textile membranes offer many advantages in the construction of large structures such as stadiums.  These membranes are an excellent choice for covering a stadium as they are light-weight and aesthetically pleasing to look at.  The installation process is a complex and creative matter involving the use of wire ropes to mount, suspend, and support these massive textile membranes.

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Rope Architecture:

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