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The heavy duty construction Beam Clamp with Round eye type anchor method is adjustable for a wide range of beam flange widths.



Beam clamps round eye type are designed to attach to an I-beam flange in order to provide a temporary or permanent anchor for hook-mounted hoists.  Quick and simple installation is provided with the use of tools.  Heavy-duty steel construction.  Adjustable to fit wide range of flange widths.
* Heavy-duty construction
* ISO 9001 and TUV-CE Certified factory
* Tested to 125% of Rated Capacity
* Compact size
* Low headroom design
* Portable
* Simple to install
* Clamp jaw design applies to load away from flange edge
* Quick and easy adjustments
* Fits wide range of beams
* Made in China
Rated Capacity (lbs):  22,000
Fits I-Beam Flange Width (in):  3.2-13.7
Net Weight (lbs):  35

Additional Information

* Permanent or temporary mounting
* Attaches quickly and easily without tools, yet provides a secure grip
* Low headroom provided by built-in suspension bar
* Clamp jaw design applies load away from flange edge
* Fits wide range of flange widths 3-9 inches
* Lightweight compact size. Weight 8 lbs.
* All clamps load tested to 125% of rated capacity
* Special threaded rod clamp mechanism with speed handle for quick and easy adjustment
* Individual serial number stamped into each beam clamp
* Test and inspection certificates supplied with each clamp
* Service manual with parts blow-up supplied with each clamp
* Meet all applicable ANSI standards

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